Center for contemporary non-objective art

Since its inception in 1998, CCNOA center for contemporary non-objective art, a multidisciplinary non-profit art organization, focuses on the presentation, promotion, and dissemination of diverse European and international cultural identities, artistic concepts and practices in the field of contemporary abstract art, notably in the categories of visual art, architecture, photography, multi-media, and publications. Abstract art is one of the most progressive and contemporary concepts of the many artistic visions alive today. It initially aimed to embrace all artistic forms of expression and to integrate them into all aspects of daily life. We expand on this farsighted concept. It revolves around the artists and the public, their questions, needs and aims.

Located in central Brussels, CCNOA attracts European and international artists and art professionals, and facilitates the introduction of their Belgian and European colleagues to other European countries and abroad. In doing this CCNOA became above all a platform for younger as well as more established artists and a cultural meeting point for visitors of all age groups. The impressive CVs of our artists show that around 90% of them have made it over the past 9 years to the forefront of the European and international art scene. Many of them are now regularly invited for solo and group exhibitions, lectures, and workshops in galleries, museums, and other cultural organizations in Europe and abroad, their works and publications are included in European and international private, public and corporate collections, they receive regular traveling and/or working grants from the funding authorities of their countries of origin as well as attention from the European and international media.

Our exchange, co-operations, and co-productions with cultural organizations, professionals, galleries, museums, libraries, bookshops, private and public collections, and sponsors in Europe and abroad create and generate automatically a European dimension. In these co-operations, we function as initiator as well as recipient, as host as well as guest. We disseminate our activities via a broad spectrum of professional public relation tools and networks on a regular basis to the media and public in Belgium, Europe, and abroad. Thanks to our combined efforts, CCNOA and its associates are today not only integrated into the Belgian cultural landscape but continue to increase their visibility and relevance in relation to the European and international cultural circuit.

Since its inception in 1998, CCNOA has organized and produced over 100 solo and group exhibitions with over 200 international artist at CCNOA and abroad as well as more then 100 editions, multiples and catalogues. A selection of our larger exhibitions include From Rags to Riches (30 artists, Musee de Tapisserie, Tournai, 2001), minimalpop (19 - 22 artists @ Florence Lynch Gallery, New York City, 2004 & Galerie Les filles du calvaires, Paris & Brussels, 2005, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam), MoltiMultipli (65 artists, CCNOA, Brussels, 2004), 2step (55 artists, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo & Margaret Harvey University Galleries, Hertfordshire, May & October 2006), and Painted Objects (22 artists, PS, Amsterdam, 2005; CCNOA, Brussels, 2006), Double Exposure : A Dialogue Between Painting and Photography (10 artists, CCNOA, Brussels, 2006), A Bit O’ White (21 artists, CCNOA, 2007), My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble (15 artists, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, 2007) and Pas de Soucis (21 artists, NOS, Tulette, 2007).

The following programs are run from our Brussels base: Our visual arts program presenting annually up to 8 solo and group exhibitions with a particular focus on the media referred to above and a commitment to site specificity.

Our experimental multimedia program featuring the work of contemporary visual and intermedia artists, interdisciplinary collaborations, live performances, special screenings and lectures.

Our publications program producing artists’ editions, multiples, catalogues, audio-CDs and DVDs; our after-hours program starting October 2006 with opening hours extended every first Friday of the month till 8pm providing an additional opportunity to visit our facilities and exhibitions.

Our art workshop program starting October 2006 in response to increasing interest from younger members of our public is designed around our current exhibitions for children aged 7 to 9.

Our membership program ’CCNOA Friends’ initiated in 2004 to develop a closer relationship with our public and at the same time secure additional support for our activities. Privileges include amongst others a copy of an artist’s multiple especially created for CCNOA each year, the invitation to private viewings, and a discount on purchases of artwork and publications...

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