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Wang Min

09 Jan - 02 Mar 2011

Exhibition view
On The Way
9 January - 2 March, 2011

Wang Min was born in1975 and graduated as Fine Arts Master of HfbK Hamburg. With ordinary everyday matters such as airport, luggage, postcard, CD, chess piece and necklace as her major depicting objects, Wang Min’s oil paintings convey to us the mood of being on a journey in the form of diary. She is never intentionally elaborate about some particular techniques in her paintings, but instead paying a lot of attention to finding a way back to the pure inner world in her painting language. The elusiveness of her emotion that is hidden in the subject and the lightheartedness of her painting style determine that the objects on her canvases would not have stiff profiles or excessive limitations, and therefore get some sense of life. A slight streak of melancholy pervades her paintings, but it is not a sigh of bitterness or sadness; it is her lofty artistic prospect. The objects and scenes in her paintings are implying the time already slipping away and the things long being lost. Thanks to the attention of this female artist, or her “revere to ordinary things”, these objects can linger for long.

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