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18 May - 29 Jun 2008

UNDER THE SKY -- International positions in contemporary art

Opening: May 17th, 2008, 3 pm
Exhibition: May18th – June 29th, 2008

Among german artists Gerhard Richter is having the biggest influence on the international art scene. And the multitudinousness of his styles differentiates Richter from all other contemporary painters. We find abstract artworks next to figurative and representational ones next to monochrome as well as colourfield paintings or edited photographies.
In mid-May 2008 the National Museum Beijing dedicates a major exhibition to Gerhard Richter; and Alexander Ochs uses this exhibition to investigate possibilities and ideas in contemporary art - focussing on painting - in the group exhibition UNDER THE SKY. This exhibition will assemble artworks by artists from Australia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Korea and the Netherlands to an abstract painting by Gerhard Richter from the year 1988.

Chen Guangwu, Li Luming, Luo Qing, Judy Millar, Muchen & Shaoyinong, Gerhard Richter, Sophia Schama, Jörg Scheibe, Miriam Vlaming, Tan Ping, Uwe Wittwer, Wang Yin, Yang Maoyuan, Yang Shaobin, Yin Xiuzhen, Yoo Junghyun

Tags: Po-i Chen, Li Luming, Judy Millar, Li Qing, Lu Qing, Luo Qing, Gerhard Richter, Yang Shaobin, Uwe Wittwer, Yin Xiuzhen, Wang Yin