White Space

Chi Peng

07 Sep - 26 Oct 2008

© Chi Peng

September 7, – October 26, 2008

Liu Wentao was born in 1973. He graduated in 1997 with a BFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, China, major in Printmaking. In 2005, he graduated with a MFA from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
This new exhibition in WHITE SPACE BEIJING presents the creations on canvas and paper between 2005-2008 by the artist Liu Wentao. The philosopher Wang Min’An said about Liu Wentao works:
“Liu Wentao has expressed a sort of astonishing patience in his creations. The painting has turned into the experience of time which can be recorded by space trace. It should be concluded that the painting thus serves as action, labor, ascetic practices, and finally a life style. In this way, the painting has become an everyday practice of life and in that case the painting should be regarded as life as such rather than a prop of life. Right here, these works, the space constructed by line, canvas and frame, has turned into a habitable space, an autonomous space quietly resisting the external world. This is a space in which time flows and also a space for resisting such time flowing.”

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