White Space

Chen Guangwu

17 Nov 2009 - 09 Jan 2010

Exhibition view
"Knots & Lines"

Date: November 17, 2009 - January 09, 2010

While the Beijing based artist Chen Guangwu (1967) has initially achieved success with his calligraphy and works on paper, now, many years later at his first exhibition in Beijing he is presenting mainly sculptures and paintings.

Chen Guangwu's artworks differ significantly from the ‘mainstream' of contemporary art in China. He is not working within a cultural nor political context, but within the context of art itself. The British sculptor Henry Moore has been intertwining interior and exterior spaces to one single sculpture since the 1940s. Moore was influenced by images of the Europeans who sought shelter in basements from bombs during the World War II.Chen Guangwu goes one step further and reflects the universal deconstruction of human culture: The sculpture emerges from its own spatiality, the exterior structure of space is deconstructed and thus an extensive idea of abstraction in space is achieved.In his paintings he is also concerned with the solution of the basic questions of abstraction. Lines that remind of wrapped ‘blocks' describe space. The paintings evoke the idea of flexibility of the existing space.

Tags: Po-i Chen, Henry Moore