Pierogi, founded in 1994, is located in Williamsburg,
Brooklyn—an area now vital to the larger art
community because of its concentration of diverse
artists and its innovative gallery scene. Pierogi has
monthly solo shows which feature the work of
emerging and mid-career artists in an eclectic range
of media—from the performance installations of
Ward Shelley, to the panoramic and filmic drawings
of Dawn Clements; as well as curated exhibitions
such as the award-winning Dead Treeinstallation (a
recreation of the Robert Smithson work originally
shown in Dusseldorf’s Kunsthalle, 1969).
The Flat Files are another important element of
Pierogi—they house portfolios of original works by
over 700 artists. The traveling Flat Files have been
exhibited in London, Vienna, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, and elsewhere.
Pierogi Press is a bi-annual literary and arts journal
featuring the work of under-represented as well as
esteemed contemporary authors and visual artists.
The cover of each issue is the silk-screened work of
a different artist.
Pierogi opened a second gallery space in Leipzig,
Germany in the Spring of 2006 where we exhibit the
work of American and International artists.