Arken Museum of Modern Art

Carl-Henning Pedersen

02 Feb - 11 Aug 2013

Carl-Henning Pedersen
Landscape with red mask, 1949
2 February – 11 August 2013

To mark Carl-Henning Pedersen’s 100th birthday, ARKEN, in collaboration with Carl-Henning Pedersen’s & Else Alfelt’s Museum in Herning, is showing a major exhibition of the work of this Danish Cobra artist.

Like many other artists of his time, Carl-Henning Pedersen drew freely on inspiration from the art and artefacts of other times and other cultures. In his wildly imaginative imagery, widely different visual idioms flow together across time and place. In his art, the artist sought the same special, universally human primal force that surged through his own being. The exhibition elucidates this theme through the selection and presentation of his works.

The longing for a pure, unspoiled, natural art was typical of the period. Carl-Henning Pedersen and his colleagues thus expressed their opposition to their own time, haunted as it was by war and injustice.