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Nicholas Brooks

07 Nov - 15 Dec 2013

© Nicholas Brooks
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7 November – 15 December 2013

Nicholas Brooks (born 1975, London, UK).

Nicholas Brooks's work has a distinctive aesthetic, which conveys a mood of intrigue and alludes to the links between age-old practices and belief systems, and contemporary approaches to meaning and making. His sculptures and videos explore some of the human drives and desires in play in our actions, artefacts and landscapes.

For his Invites show, Brooks will present a site-specific sculptural arrangement comprising a large display structure with individually cast sculptures as well as a new video, in which the codified drawings used by jacquard weavers are scrutinised by the camera’s lens. The jacquard loom is an ancestor of the modern computer, operating on the binary system used by computers. This new video work, shot in a high definition digital format, reveals the lines of filiation between its codified subject matter and the highly advanced technology used to make it.

Brooks' recent exhibitions include Young London at V22, Bold Tendencies, Art & Chips at MOT Projects and We Object! at Aid and Abet, Cambridge.
Recent Screenings include Oberhausen International Film Festival and Selected, Videoclub and Film London Artists Moving Image Network tour at venues across the country.