Yokohama Triennale

Yokohama Triennale 2001

02 Sep - 11 Nov 2001


MEGA WAVE - Towards a New Synthesis
Artistic Director:

The "YOKOHAMA 2001" will be the first large-scale international exhibition of its kind to be held in Japan. The four artistic directors have been holding discussions for over a year in order to make it an event suitable to the first year of the twenty-first century. Two main policies have emerged naturally from these discussions.

The first is to present the most current, cutting-edge trends of contemporary art. This is especially important in kicking off an exhibition that will continue to be held at regular intervals from now on.

The other aim is to construct a new, broad-ranging image of the world by taking contemporary art beyond its conventional, limited framework and boldly bring it into an adventurous interaction and dialogue with science and philosophy as well as other forms of art.

The culture of the twentieth century was based on specialization. However, excessive specialization can result in a loss of continuity and too much separation between different fields. While focusing on art, we will not be content to stay within the usual boundaries of the field but will take a more flexible approach that involves crossing borders. The chief mission of this project to create a new, more comprehensive vision that joins art and society as we enter an age in which major change and innovation can be expected.

Approximately 100 artists from a wide variety of world regions will be asked to make new work for the exhibition. The exhibition will be organized jointly by four directors; however, each director will carry on individual work and develop original ideas with the expectation that all four approaches will be integrated at the end.

Nearby museums and galleries will be asked to organize special exhibitions to correspond with the triennale to create a multiplier effect and extend the project so that it takes in the entire city of Yokohama. Symposia and other events will be planned to complement the art exhibits.


Adel Abdessemed
Marina Abramovic
Aida Makoto
Akasegawa Genpei
Akimoto Kitsune
Akita Masami(Merzbow)
Bahc Yiso
Oladele Ajiboye Bamgboye
Bigert & Bergstrom
John Bock
Cai Guo Qiang
Candy Factory
Casagrande and Rintala
Maurizio Cattelan
Choi Jeong Hwa
Jeannette Christensen + Anders Tomren
Joelle Ciona
Florian Claar
Jeroen de Rijke + Willem de Rooij
Destiny Deacon
Tacita Dean
Ding Yi
Atul Dodiya
Anita Dube
Karl Duner + Peder Freiij
Jimmie Durham
Maria Eichhorn
Olafur Eliasson
Endo Toshikatsu
Peter Fischli & David Weiss
Alicia Framis
Jacqueline Fraser
Yona Friedman
Fujihata Masaki
Carlos Garaicoa
Liam Gillick
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Joseph Grigely
Grolund Nisunen
Katya Guerrero
Ham Kyung
Heri Dono
Mats Hjelm
Carsten Holler
Huang Yong Ping
Pierre Huyghe
Ichihara Hiroko
Ichiyanagi Toshi
Ito Zon
Eduardo Kac
Kasahara Emiko
William Kentridge
Koo Jeong-a
Kusama Yayoi
Sowon Kwon
Siobhan Liddell
Aernout Mik
Laurent Moriceau +20471120/NAKAGAWA SOCHI
Muraoka Saburo
Nakazawa Ken
Mariele Neudecker
Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba
Oda Masanori
Oki Keisuke
Rainer Oldendorf
Ono Yoko
Orimoto Tatsumi
Gabriel Orozco
Ozawa Tsuyoshi
Florian Pumhosl
Alexandra Ranner
rasmus knud + Soren Andreasen
Navin Rawanchaikul
Jason Rhoades
Pipilotti Rist
Anri Sala
Allan Sekula
Shinoda Taro
Shiota Chiharu
Andreas Slominski
Sone Yutaka
Sugimoto Hiroshi
Sun Yuan + Peng Yu
Fiona Tan
Javier Tellez
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Laure Tixier
Tomita Toshiaki
Tone Yasunao
Tsubaki Noboru + Muroi Hisashi
Tsuzuki Kyoichi
Uri Tzaig
Eulalia Valldosera
Marijke Van Warmerdam
Sergio Vega
Viktor & Rolf
Franz West
Krzyztof Wodiczko
Johannes Wohnseifer
Wu Ershan
Cerith Wyn Evans
Xing Danwen
Yanagi Miwa
Yang FuDong
Zhang Huan

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