Kapital.FM: Hosted by Ilja Karilampi

17 Jul - 16 Aug 2015

Kapital.FM: Hosted by Ilja Karilampi, 17 July - 16 August 2015
17 July - 16 August 2015

Thora Dolven Balke
Yngve Holen
Fred Lamb
Zaina Miuccia
Hannah Perry
Ben Schumacher
Justin Swinburne (18+)

The sound of the capital, the city. Hauptstadt, UK, Rinsing it 24/7. Spelled not with a C, but rather the Nigerian online channel Kapital.FM, Abuja-based. Bethnal Green has a couple of venues that still haven't caved into neo-modernism. Papillon Pizza, Lemon Spice Chicken, The Hare. All nearby the gallery areas. The show floats in and out of these places; bordering the razor's edge between art and music, but is also a result of many breaks and visits in the LDN area. Once you're in the white cube, next second you are down the brick road round the corner of an alley in the convenience store. To reach one you have to pass through the other. It's a vibe ting yeh.

The selection of the artists involved is born out of admiration of their various ways of output, as well as wanting to bring together these energies.

Each artist has selected motifs to be printed on unique longsleeves hung in the venues, rather than exhibiting existing key works. Through this collaboration between us, and the interventions on the existing Cambridge Heath Road, new discoveries follow; what is this place really? Is there a map? Where is the work hung? Why is the reclusiveness of Dean Blunt so attractive? FAM.

The real extended press release will take the shape of a fake Skepta-RBMA-style-lecture at Longstreet Bar in Z̈urich on Thursday 8 July, then uploaded on the following Monday. To listen, log onto Berlin Community Radio's page on Soundcloud, or await further instructions. Thank you for watching and listening.

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