Wattis Institute

Patrick Jackson

01 Jun - 29 Aug 2017

Patrick Jackson, Untitled, 2017
used billboard vinyl
Courtesy of the artist and Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles
Know Yer City
1 June – 29 July 2017

Curated by Kim Nguyen and Leila Grothe

This exhibition was assembled somewhere between daydreaming in a hot apartment and long walks in Los Angeles. Cityscapes, billboards, and public art are contrasted with the inside of a home, a head.

Working as a collector and maker, Patrick Jackson creates immersive environments. Intermingling high and lowbrow aesthetics, he is invested in narrative and conceptual installations, taking into consideration everything that gives a space shape.

His work confronts viewers with the material nature of sculpture, in particular the memories, emotions, and values we ascribe to things. But for Jackson actual things are not of great import. He is more concerned with things that resemble things, that feel like things, that have all the components of the thing itself, but are only connotations of things.

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