German voters go to the polls this weekend to decide who will govern them for the next four years. Ahead of Sunday's poll, many citizens are still considering who they will vote for. Now a new movement seems to be gaining their confidence. The economy has dominated the election campaign, but surprisingly culture may shape its outcome. In many galleries, museums and theaters around Berlin so-called cultural pre-elections are taking place. These pre-elections are held in an art context only - one week prior to the federal ones. Artists, writers and culture professionals are invited to contribute with their opinions and votes which will be widely published 36 hours before the official elections begin. Their ideals and vision are expected with a lot of interest by eligible voters and may have a rare impact on their decision. As the problems to be solved by the new government are global, the pre-elections are not limited by nationality. The popularity of the pre-elections and their highly anticipated results have led many politicians to attend art exhibitions, concerts and cultural events. Theaters have announced generous donations, art galleries have recorded a boom of sales to politicians, thereby making a passionate and engaged impression, in a last bid to influence the cultural pre-elections.