Elastic Frames

08 Feb - 05 Mar 2011

A film and video show curated by Corin Sworn
08 February - 05 March 2011

ELASTIC FRAMES brings together a collection of film and video works by a group of internationally recognised artists. These works have been drawn together to discuss the mediation of experience through moving image. The works presented describe various aspects of language as negotiated through film and video- shot language, language use proper and scenic language as connoted through objects. The exhibition will be accompanied by a text and several events, which will expand on the themes explored in the moving-image works.

Artists include: Eric Baudelaire, Annie Davey, Vishal Jugdeo, Ursula Mayer, Isabelle Pauwels, Margaret Salmon, John Smith and John Massey.

Events include: Dr Sarah Lowndes and PHD fellow Martin Fuller speaking about situated interactions between artist practice and specific urban environments and a presentation of Mark Aerial Waller’s Wayward Canon.

Tags: Eric Baudelaire, Ursula Mayer, Isabelle Pauwels, Margaret Salmon, John Smith, Corin Sworn, Mark Aerial Waller