Thomas Brambilla

Erik Saglia

28 Feb - 11 May 2014

28 February - 10 May 2014

Thomas Brambilla gallery is proud to present the first solo show by artist Erik Saglia from Turin.
The artist, starting with the implications of the "modernist grid", emphasizes and restructures it replicating it with adhesive tape, that, perfectly laid in orthogonal lines, covers the camouflage spots; the tape is stuck in a precise and rigorous way, submitting the body to the discipline of the exact gesture that contrasts with the free aggregation of the spots below. The result is a cream colored monochrome surface that incorporates all the overlays, including an extra flat layer of transparent epoxy resin which, in addition to fix everything, makes the surfaces shining and highlights the tape’s transparency.

The use of materials, spray paint, tape and synthetic resin, seeks to renew the concept of surface, deleting every biographical and pop aspect reconnecting the work by Erik Saglia to the Spatialist research by Lucio Fontana and the lesson of Alighiero Boetti and his ability to use the "modernist grid" to realize works that are amazing for imagination and creativity.
A fluid painting, that leaves freedom to the gesture of the artist, is implemented by a mechanical method based on the repetition of a movement that already in the beginning knows its start and its end, just as an athletic act that is repeated among concentration, effort and dedication.
For the exhibition, the artist presents eight big dimension panel.

Tags: Alighiero Boetti, Lucio Fontana, Erik Saglia