Tanya Bonakdar

Painting Expanded

30 Jun - 29 Jul 2011

Exhibition view
Curated by Renee Coppola, Phyllis Lally, Emily Ruotolo and Scot Surdez
30 June - 29 July 2011

Painting Expanded is a dynamic group exhibition featuring artwork from a new generation of artists whose works share a formal nature that is primarily material-based abstraction. Each piece is rooted in the conceits of painting, but features a composition achieved through a means that is unconventional and/or uses non-traditional media in thought-provoking ways, incorporating aspects of process, performance, and sculpture. Highlighting work by emerging artists who are exploring experimentation near the more radical edge in the creative process, this show features new methods of process in art making, pushing the definition of what still might be considered painting today.

Ivin Ballen
Justin Beal
Anna Betbeze
N. Dash
Josh Faught
Fergus Feehily
Jacob Kassay
Ian Kiaer
Lauren Luloff
Anissa Mack
Ivan Morley
Sam Moyer
Amanda Ross-Ho
Analia Saban
Dirk Stewen
Hayley Tompkins
Donelle Woolford

Tags: Anna Betbeze, N. Dash, Josh Faught, Fergus Feehily, Jacob Kassay, Ian Kiaer, Anissa Mack, Ivan Morley, Sam Moyer, Amanda Ross-Ho, Analia Saban, Dirk Stewen, Hayley Tompkins, Donelle Woolford