Spencer Brownstone

Red White Blue

07 Jul - 13 Aug 2005

Spencer Brownstone Gallery is delighted to launch our summer group exhibition RED WHITE BLUE, opening with an alternative Independence Day block party on Wooster Street on Thursday July 7th, and continuing through August 13th.

Over 90 artists have been asked to choose one or more of three colors: red, white or blue and create a work that is predominately that color or that conceptually/thematically refers to that color. There are no limitations or parameters to the size, subject or medium of the works. The exhibition will be installed salon-style grouped by color covering every available wall space at the gallery.

The exhibition provides a platform for an exploded view of nationalist symbolism and a celebration of the gloriously skewed ‘old glory’ that is art-making.

David Adamo; Richard Agerbeek; Heather Allen; Isabel Asha; Hernan Bas; Tom Borgese; Ian Burns; Joseph Burwell; Joshua Callaghan; Alejandro Cardenas; Aimee Cavenecia; Julia Chiang; Anne Colvin; Bjorn Copeland; Michelle Cortez; Jeff Davis; Pia Dehne; Rory Donaldson; Adriana Farmiga; Edy Ferguson; Ciara Finnegan; Naomi Fisher; Greg Foley; Michael Foronda; Fintan Friel; Jeff Gabel; Hope Gangloff; Christopher Garrett; Amy Gartrell; Cindy Greene; Seamus Harahan; Jennifer Herrema; Lori Hersberger; Katie Holten; Jess Holzworth; Gordon Hull; Tim Hull; Nancy Hwang; Taka Imamura; Jo Jackson; Daniel Jewesbury; Ryan Kearney; Amanda Keeley; Zilvinas Kempinas; Rosalie Knox; Darren Kraft; Erin Krause; Cherie Krause; Greg Krum; Sadie Laska; Little + Furgason; Andrea Longacre-White; John Lurie; Susan MacWilliam; Doreen McCarthy; Ronan McCrea; Glynnis McDaris; Mikey McDougal; Mathieu Mercier; Carlyle Micklus; Donna Nield; Monika Norwid; Patrick O'Dell; Paul O'Neill; Mark Orange; Graham Parker; Kembra Pfahler; Adam Raymont; Andre Razo; Athena Razo; Judy Rifka; RURAL; Carolyn Salas; Frank Santoro; Jason Search; Ian Sevonius; David Sherry; Simone Shubuck; Theo Sims; Dennis Spina; Peter Staley; Lyle Starr; Eddy Steinhauer; Spencer Sweeney; Anthony Titus; Oxsana Todorova; Kon Trubkovich; Alan Vega; Walker and Walker; Grace Weir; Dirk Westphal; Letha Wilson; Michael Wilson; Scott Wolniak; Ju Yeon-Kim.

Tags: David Adamo, Hernan Bas, Ian Burns, Julia Chiang, Bjorn Copeland, Edy Ferguson, Naomi Fisher, Jeff Gabel, Amy Gartrell, Seamus Harahan, Lori Hersberger, Katie Holten, Jess, Zilvinas Kempinas, Sadie Laska, Ronan Mccrea, Mathieu Mercier, Spencer Sweeney, Kon Trubkovich, Letha Wilson