Rüdiger Schöttle

Martin Creed

11 Feb - 26 Mar 2011

Martin Creed
Work No.489, Pen drawings (25 pieces), 2005
11 February - 26 March, 2011

On the ground floor of the gallery, we shall be showing the work of the British artist Martin Creed. Creed’s vocabulary of form comprises a multitude of materials, often drawn from everyday life. He is chiefly preoccupied with the production and notion of “things” and also with the phenomenon of “work” and its processes. While his “Works” are imbued with much subversive humour and wit, they are equally distinguished by their seriousness and elegance of form. No matter from what “material” they are made, they are all part of a numbered system of artworks and thus defy categorization into traditional genres. Exhibited in the Showroom will be Work No. 489, a 25-piece work on paper produced as a work process by different persons under certain conditions specified by the artist.

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