Champion Fine Art at RENTAL: Champion Zero

09 Oct - 07 Nov 2008

© Mai-Thu Perret
Banner for Sun Ra, 2007
72 x 56 Inches
Courtesy of John Morace

On View: October 9 – November 7, 2008
Reception: October 9, 6-9 PM

RENTAL is pleased to announce Champion Zero, an exhibition organized by Champion Fine Art, opening October 9, 2008 and running through November 7, 2008.
Champion Fine Art was a two-year series of artist-curated exhibitions, initiated by Drew Heitzler and Flora Wiegmann. The twenty-one exhibitions were titled numerically in descending order. The first ten exhibitions took place at 281 N. 7th Street, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, from September 2003 through August 2004. The remaining eleven shows took place at 6703 Comey Avenue, in Los Angeles, California from October 2004 through October 2005.
The exhibition, Champion Zero, coincides with the publication of Champion Zero by 2nd Cannons Press, a full color catalog that documents the Champion project by re-printing and compiling the 21 zines that were printed to accompany each Champion exhibition. For this exhibition at RENTAL, Champion Fine Art will invite the ten artists who organized shows for the gallery when it was located in Brooklyn, New York. These artists include Drew Heitzler, Reed Anderson, Carol Bove, Allyson Vieira, Steven Parrino, Josh Smith, Mai-Thu Perret, David Shaw, Roe Ethridge, and Fia Backstrom.
A second exhibition will be mounted in October of 2009 in Los Angeles, at which point, Champion Fine Art will invite the 11 artists who organized shows for Champion’s Culver City location. Those artists include Matt Johnson, Katherine Bernhardt, Monique van Genderen, Alix Lambert, John Tremblay, Craig Kalpakjian, Walead Beshty, Anna Sew Hoy, Guy Richards Smit, Michael Zahn and Public Holiday Projects.

Tags: Reed Anderson, Fia Backström, Katherine Bernhardt, Walead Beshty, Carol Bove, Roe Ethridge, Monique Van Genderen, Drew Heitzler, Anna Sew Hoy, Matt Johnson, Craig Kalpakjian, Alix Lambert, Steven Parrino, Mai-Thu Perret, David Shaw, Josh Smith, John Tremblay, Allyson Vieira, Michael Zahn