Viola Melon, Baiser Melocoton

05 Nov - 21 Dec 2013

Pauline Curnier Jardin
5 November - 21 December 2013

Viola Melon, Baiser Melocoton
I am Demeter, goddess of earth watching the earthlings.

My body is a field of things that will grow, my eyes are underground and I’m watching the earthlings living from what I am.

I’m taking their veins for my roots, their blood is the possible rain breaking onto my more or less fertile body, their tears and their sweat too.

I am kind, I’m gentle, very gentle, I am their mother. I love them, I like punishing them, I like rewarding them, I like touching them. I do what I want with my children.

(Un peu avant le zoom, et tout le long du gros plan entre-cuisse) :

For example, I have two girls. They are beautiful. They are mine. They must not see me, I will take them by surprise later. They need to be relaxed

Are they drinking ? No, they’re talking about drinking, that makes a difference, they are good, they are very good. I am staying watching them, I stay like the gods, invisible.

(du temps passe)

Oh, I cannot stand it any more, I’m boiling like a vulcano, I want to throw myself outside.

(les filles dansent)

I’m coming out, I’m standing in front of my two girls, I am huge, I am supple, soft, I’m free. I’m whirling around, I’m engulfing the atmosphere, I’m Demeter, goddess of earth.

Calm down sweeties, I think you’re a bit tired. I’m here, I’m viola, I’m velvet, come against my warm belly

(dans le noir)

Shhh. They are finally on top of me, I’m singing, I’m lulling them to sleep, they are falling against my breasts.

They are in deep sleep.

I’m punishing them : I’m entering into their livers, I’m turning their two livers into meringue.

That’s it. Their livers will be meringue for ever.