Tabita Rezaire

Riding Infinity

12 Jun - 21 Jul 2018

Installation view: Tabita Rezaire, Riding Infinity, PSM, 2018
Riding Infinity
12 June – 21 July 2018

EVBG and PSM are happy to present RIDING INFINITY, a solo exhibition with works by Tabita Rezaire.

RIDING INFINITY presents a selection of works from Tabita Rezaire in which she deploys ‘digital healing activism’ as a strategy to envision decolonial technologies through which we can ‘connect to ourselves, to one another, to the earth and to the multiverse’.

What is the role of technology within politics of liberation? Has technology become just another layer of oppression, or can it contribute to the struggles of emancipation – and if so, how? Tabita Rezaire’s practice expands the meanings of technology and creates space-times for receiving spiritual technologies as scientific knowledge.

In her cross-dimensional works, Rezaire tackles the pervasive matrix of coloniality and its effects on identity, technology, sexuality, spirituality, and the production of knowledge. In PSM’s spaces, the visitors are invited to embark on journeys through fantastic virtual realms and energy streams guided by Rezaire herself.

“Decalcify your pineal gland. Download the wisdoms of the cosmos database.”

Ultra Wet – Recapitulation (2018) sets to unearth traces of a space-time beyond duality. Amid sandy landscapes and computerize emanations, storytellers chant their litanies for survival and reclaim the legacies of harmonious feminine and masculine energies. In a time where binary ideology and toxic masculinities reign while the feminine is shamed, the installation celebrates the power of the erotic as a creative and transformative force to be nurtured and cherished.

“We shall invoke the power of the sacred serpent and connect with our ancestral knowledge... the serpent as a symbol of fertility, rebirth, guardianship, poison or healing, vengeance and wisdom.”

How to transform from an angry warrior to a peaceful warrior? How to practice decolonial self-care? How to radiate radical self-love? In the video Peaceful Warrior (2015), Rezaire shares tools for healing traumatic genetic memory and build spiritual communities for a more efficient struggle. From Kemetic yoga, meditation, to womb motion and a decolonial diet; Rezaire leads the viewers through a hypnotic landscape of ancient Egyptian cosmology, celestial bodies, and pussy booty magic.

“Dear spectators. You have come here to heal – to learn about the power of the cunt, her juice and electric wisdom.”

In the video Hoetep Blessings (2016), Rezaire makes an offering to ‘Black spiritual femmeness’. In a play of linguistics excavations, by adding a ‘e’ to the kemetic-bantu word ‘hotep’ (htp) (‘to be at peace’) she instills ‘the spiritual power of the c*nt, of femmeness, of the ‘hoe’, within Blackness, that which the troll economy tries hard to disgrace.’

“1/2 YASSSSSS, 1/2 Tears. Healing hurts.”

Inner Fire ~ Bow Down (2017) is part of a series of five life-size digital self-portrait collages exploring the politics of the artist’s identities, aspirations and contradictions. How do archetypes fuel our collective imaginaries and individual fantasy-realities as regard to race, sex, technology, capital and spirituality?

RIDING INFINITY digs into stories, politics and memories of information and communication technologies, and advocates for the possibility of nurturing a ‘mind-body-spirit-techno consciousness’. X

Tabita Rezaire (b. 1989, Paris) is infinity incarnated in this lifetime as a French artist – of Guyanese and Danish descent. Tabita’s work is cross-dimensional, rooted in time-spaces where technology and spirituality intersect and aim at reaching and aligning with the soul. She uses arts and sciences as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Navigating architectures of power – material, mental and spiritual both online and offline – her work tackles the protocols of energetic misalignment that affects the songs of our body-mind-spirits. She is in based Cayenne, French Guyana. She has a Bachelor in Economics (Paris) and a Master in Artist Moving Image from Central Saint Martins College (London). Tabita is a founding member of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and mother of the energy house SENEB. She has shown her work and performed internationally – New Museum NY, Performa 17, V&A London, National Gallery of Denmark, Berlin Biennale 09, Tate Modern London, Museum of Modern Art Paris, MoCADA NY and The Broad LA among others.

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