Slater Bradley

10 Jun - 24 Jul 2010

© Slater Bradley
Doppelganger in times square 1999
“Clean Slate”

Opening: 9 Jun 2010 - 18:00 - 22:00
Duration of the exhibition: 10 Jun 2010 - 24 Jul 2010

‘CLEAN SLATE marks the beginning of the end on my doppelganger saga.
The exhibition’s central film 4-channel surround sound HD video installation “Boulevard of broken dreams” finds the doppelganger at the end of the long road of a parasitic search for the self. In this manic episode, he channels the mood of Hopper’s “Nighthawks” and the gravity of the economic downtown on an anxiety filled stroll up New York City’s glitzy 5th Avenue, aimlessly wandering upstream past the march of tourists, branded bags, and debt bearers. Crossing the street armed with Holden Caulfield-like paralysis, the shattered truth of James Dean, and the recitations of the bent philosophical, drug addled teen hero of M. Ageyev's 1934 "Novel with Cocaine", Ben Brock, in his 11th year as the doppelganger, finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel.
“Boulevard of broken dreams” is a meditation on the unburdening of psychic debt. It is the moment when your identity finally catches up with you.’

Slater Bradley, Dumbo, Brooklyn 6/02/10

"I would stroll down the boulevards and try to catch the eye of every passing woman. I never, as the saying goes, 'undressed them' with my glance, nor did I feel any carnal desire for them. In that feverish state, which might have inspired another, say to write poetry, I would simply stare into the eyes of all women walking in the other direction and wait for a similarly terrifying, wide-eyed look in response. I never accosted a woman who responded with a smile, because I knew that anyone who smiled at a look like mine could only be a prostitute or a virgin."

M. Ageyev, 1934 (Novel with Cocaine)

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