Mathis Collins

04 Feb - 19 Mar 2011

© Mathis Collins
"Le Petit Café", 2011
19 x 28,5 cm
Works with cork
4 Feb 2011 - 19 Mar 2011

Mathis Collins works with cork by de-contextualizing its function, formulating and discussing topic related issues and broader subjects.

Collins researches and plays with the commonly known uses of cork, such as the bottle stopper or the bulletin board. These basic functions could theoretically be applied to other objects as well, translated into metaphors of public and private life: art, economics, geography and ecology.

Inspired by a certain folk tradition, the sculptures become figurative fractions, miniature scenarios which, upon second glance, offer diverse interpretations behind their humorous sides.

Cork finds its way not only into the sculptural body of Collins work. Besides giving theoretical speaches on the use of the object he disguises himself as, his interest extends beyond the physical medium. Throughout his intensive literal analysis of the word cork, he traveled to the cities Liège (fr.: liège = cork; Belgium) and Cork (Ireland).

These trips lead to broader historical and sociological understandings of cork.