Christian Falsnaes

18 Sep - 01 Nov 2014

Christian Falsnaes
© Courtesy of the artist & The PSM gallery
Performance works
18 September - 1 November 2014

For his second exhibition at PSM, Christian Falsnaes presents a series of potential performance works that will only be realized upon purchase. Unless they are purchased, they will cease to exist.

The relation between art and audience plays a central role in the work of Christian Falsnaes. He works with the collective human body as his main material, and creates situations that involve the viewer as an active part of his art.

Though his performances are often centered around the role of the audience, the works presented in this exhibition at PSM all focus on the role of the purchaser. They are realized at the point where performance can intersect other media like drawing, photography, video, and painting. They all deal with the concept of ownership in different ways.

In each performance, significant decisions regarding the realization of specific performances are made by the person who buys the work. The performances require purchasers in order to be completed. The circumstances surrounding the production of each performance are integrated into the work itself.

Fulfilling Your Expectations is a performance that will only be shown once, and only to the purchaser of the work.

In the performance Many, a painting, drawing, and photo on canvas, is created in collaboration between Falsnaes and the purchaser of the work according to a script.

Sample is a performance that will consist of five situations from various performances by Falsnaes that will be selected by the purchaser of the work from an archive. The video-recording will document the work when it is performed in front of an audience, which will be invited by the purchaser. The purchaser composes a performance, defines the context in which it is performed, and will own a video work that will be produced to document it.

For Workshop, the purchaser of the performance will be taught everything necessary to perform the work, and will be able, and authorized to perform it.

Time/Line/Movement is a series of drawings that are redrawn and subsequently burned by their purchasers.

During the course of the exhibition, the gallery’s role will be merely to facilitate the production of new works, rather than to exhibit them, as all of the potential performances will only be realized upon their purchase.

All material required for the potential performances, and any necessary information about the realization process of each work, will provided by the gallery staff upon request.

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