Christian Falsnaes

29 Oct - 10 Dec 2011

Installation view
29 October - 10 December, 2011

Invitation to a happening around the Elixir by Christian Falsnaes, October 28, 2011

In the sequence of passive consumption, the Elixir in art and culture is not recognized. The Elixir, the essence we are looking for to effect Transformation, requires active interest.

Therefore, we want to invite you to a happening.

Beyond parental watch is danger to the infant. Beyond the threshold is darkness. Beyond the security of social affirmation is the adventure of art.

Please come together October 28, 2011, at 8pm.
Meeting point: PSM, Strassburger Strasse 6-8, 10405 Berlin


‘I claim that art has transformative potential. Since I do not have a political agenda, I am more interested in the movement itself, the Utopia and the dynamics of ideas and beliefs.’

Christian Falsnaes

In his performances and installations, Christian Falsnaes works on critical observations of social phenomena. His research develops in active collaboration with – as well as by close observation of – his audience, leaving common practice studio based research obsolete. Similar to philosophic analysis, his research is left without a concrete answer, but reveals critical questions to discuss.

In his performance Elixir, Falsnaes concentrates on the medium art as transformative element. The Elixir as something essential, which the seeker strives to achieve, as inspiration for conceptual content in art, culture, or society, needs active engagement. Questions around group dynamics, social rituals and borders between art, entertainment and (political) action form happenings. In the performance Elixir, these happenings phrase the main question around the transformative potential of art as a central theme.

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