Almut Linde


16 Nov 2019 - 11 Jan 2020

Exhibition view: Almut Linde, BODIES, PSM, 2019
16 November 2019 – 11 January 2020

Why is the reference to reality vital? And why should fine art produce it? Biologists, climate researchers and scientists from various disciplines come to the conclusion that we do not see certain existential threats. There is an increasing confusion between representation and reality. Essentially, humans have no understanding of how they function and that the image they form of reality is not reality itself. This constant confusion is due to the functioning of human perception and thinking itself. Important things escape our perception. [...]

Art is so important because we need to see the origin of forms in order to assess meanings and make decisions. The question is how do I get to things I don’t know yet, and experiences that come from spaces I don’t control? It has been shown that beauty can be a means of seeing something that we don’t yet know, but that we have in concrete terms.

The uncontrollable seems monstrous. Unleashed chain reactions, an increase in warlike and political conflicts, big data and mass surveillance, unpredictable interactions of chemicals, growing environmental pollution, climate chaos—all this makes us realize that the world in which we live is not in order. It is obvious that in today’s times, in which the errors of thinking are exacerbated by technology and take on existentially threatening proportions, forms of reflection other than those of pure conceptual logic are required. Since art works outside of language, it is indispensable to create new consciousness for survival in the present world. It must begin where language reaches its limits. The artist’s task now is to create forms that make this radical observation possible.

—Almut Linde
Radical Beauty. Form und Erkenntnis. Eine Künstlertheorie, 2018

Under the title BODIES Almut Linde shows new sculptures, which were developed together with PTSD patients of the German Bundeswehr (Federal Defence Forces of Germany) in Hamburg and Berlin.

Almut Linde, born 1965 in Lübeck, DE, lives and works in Hamburg and Kiel. She is a professor at the Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel and received her PhD in 2016 with her artist theory Radical Beauty. Form und Erkenntnis. Solo exhibitions include TEMPORARY WHOLENESS, Spaced Out, Kerkow, DE (2019); RADICAL BEAUTY, among others at Drawing Room, Hamburg (2016); Kunstverein Ruhr, Essen, DE (2015); Kunstpalais Erlangen, DE (2014), Chapter, Cardiff, GB-WLS; DA2, Salamanca, ES; Kunstverein Braunschweig DE (2013) Oberbeck-Gesellschaft Lübeck, DE (2012). Her work was included in several group shows, including This is not a love song, PSM, Berlin, DE (2019); La cara oculta de la luna, CentroCentro, Madrid, ES: Lübeck sammelt., Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lübeck, DE (2017); Psychogeographic Junction, Kunsthalle Bratislava/LAB, SK; When There is Hope, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg (2015); Künstlerräume 02, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst Bremen, DE (2014) Visionen. Atmosphären der Veränderung, Marta Herford, DE (2013).