Centre Pompidou

Slipping Through

Exhibition-Workshop By Françoise Pétrovitch

19 Oct 2019 - 24 Feb 2020

Françoise Pétrovitch, « Imagine le cerveau d'une fourmi » (extrait)
Exhibition-Workshop By Françoise Pétrovitch
19 October 2019 - 24 February 2020

Françoise Pétrovitch presents an installation in which the familiar characters of her visual world come to life in three dimensions. Lines, strokes, colour and drawings take on unique shapes in three dimensions, and invite you to explore a curious forest. Discover a wonderland, a world of giant plants, animals and humans which flourish and invade the area like a strange horde. With this installation, Françoise Petrovitch examines the idea of the individual or family portrait, which is funny, grotesque, playful or neutral, but never melancholic.

From 4 years old