Konrad Mühe and Gabriel Rossell-Santillán »Wandering Vistas to Usumacinta«

11 Sep - 17 Oct 2015

Konrad Mühe and Gabriel Rossell-Santillán, “Wandering Vistas to Usumacinta”, 2015, collage, 25 x 20 cm
In the exhibition »Wandering Vistas to Usumacinta«, Konrad Mühe (*1982 in Karl-Marx-Stadt) and Gabriel Rossell Santillán (*1977 in Mexico City) present installation-based and photographic transformations of cultural knowledge, which they encountered on their joint research trip to the area of the indigenous ethnic group of the Wirráritari in Mexico. Their travels took them from Bacalar, the lagoon of the seven colours, via the vermilion tomb in Palenque to the place of the green stones or Yaxchilán.

I glimpse this vision sadly
As the coach rolls farther on,
For our farewell-night is over
And the blissful pain it caused.

Your blue eyes I see now
Like water in a pond,
Your kiss, your breath around me,
Your whisper like a song.

Upon your neck lies buried
My face now wet with tears,
Lost in purple darkness
Beneath you flowing hair.

Eduard Mörike (1804–1875), “Early in the Coach”, stanzas 3–5

Tags: Konrad Mühe, Gabriel Rossell-Santillán