NGBK Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst

Tunnel below / Skyjacking above: deconstructing the border

26 Aug - 01 Oct 2017

Margarita Certeza Garcia in collaboration with Miguel Buenrostro and Marcos Ramirez ERRE “Re/flecting the Border”, Tijuana 2017
26 August – 1 October 2017

This exhibition addresses the immediate impact of Border Regimes today. Usually excluded narratives are revealed while focusing on specific flashpoints: The growing barriers of Europe, the border between the USA and Mexico and the militarized eco-system of the Jordan River. As the contexts may be different, the issues and agendas of repression are often similar. Can border phenomena be examined as part of a larger, neolibe- ral agenda implemented through a war of images, habituating us to increasingly violent realities? Artists
familiar with different border contexts are invited to create and to present work at the nGbK.

Yoav Admoni, Liz Bachhuber, Miguel Buenrostro, Vienne Chan, Kate Clark, Yann Colonna, Sofia Dona, EDT 2.0 bang lab, ERRE (Marcos Ramirez), Margarita Certeza Garcia, Lisa Glauer, Mareike Hornof, Incendiary Traces (Hillary Mushkin), Duygu Kaban, Edith Kollath, Jan Lemitz, Nina Lundström, Sara Velas