NGBK Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst

Tracing Information Society — a Timeline

27 Jan - 05 Feb 2017

27 January – 5 February 2017

Cooperation of nGbK and transmediale

In collaboration with the Technopolitics working group, transmediale presents the exhibition “Tracing Information Society – a Timeline,” shown at neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst (nGbK). 

For “Tracing Information Society – a Timeline,” Technopolitics turns the exhibition venue into a curated space for knowledge. A twelve-meter-long timeline depicts the development of the Information Society from 1900 until today. While moving along the timeline, visitors experience the emergence, transformation, and impact of the Information Society and the diverse influences on cultural, academic, or political events. The goal of the project is to critique and overcome the neoliberal (dis)order of information. 

Technopolitics additionally provides an extensive collection of corresponding material in the time-table format, encouraging a deeper examination of the subject matter. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a series of workshops, lectures, and salons.

Among the participants are Wolfgang Ernst, Anselm Franke, Verina Gfader, Margarete Jahrmann, Jacob Lund and Cornelia Sollfrank.