Guided tour: artist, museum, spectator

16 May - 20 Sep 2015

Copyright MUSAC. Courtesy of MUSAC
[Works from the MUSAC collection]
16 May - 20 September 2015

Curatorship: Paco Barragán
Coordination: Raquel Álvarez (Dalser, S.L.)

‘Guided Tour: Artist, Museum, Spectator’ is a group show of works in the MUSAC Collection which analyses, reflects and questions the narratives, functions and conventions of the whole art system. While the first element in the title references the inevitable paradox inherent to the museum from its very conception —caught between (excessive) didactism and the need for mediation— as well as the role of the curator-mediator; the second part alludes to the complex and asymmetrical relationships between the artist, the museum and the spectator.

Divided into three thematic sections —artist, museum, spectator— the exhibition includes works by Pipilotti Rist, Antonio Abad, Matthew Barney, Pierre Huyghe, Cristina Lucas, Christian Jankowski, Ruth Gómez, Isaac Julien, Sandra Gamarra, Candida Höfer, Dora García, Zhang Huan, Cerith Wyn Evans, David Iturregui, Anne Collier & Matthew Higgs, Ana Laura Aláez, Daniele Buetti, Joan Morey, Juan López and Lina Bertucci. In this regard, the work ‘I Married an Artist’ by Anne Collier and Matthew Higgs could well operate as the leitmotif for various different and interconnected narratives that ‘Guided Tour: Artist, Museum, Spectator’ wishes to address in an exercise not exempt from irony or self-critique.

Tags: Ana Laura Aláez, Matthew Barney, Lina Bertucci, Daniele Buetti, Anne Collier, Cerith Wyn Evans, Sandra Gamarra, Dora García, Matthew Higgs, Candida Höfer, Zhang Huan, Pierre Huyghe, Christian Jankowski, Isaac Julien, Juan Lopez, Cristina Lucas, Joan Morey, Pipilotti Rist, O Zhang