Harun Farocki

23 Mar - 10 Jun 2007

Shot 1, Screenshot aus Vergleich über ein Drittes © Harun Farocki, 2007
Harun Farocki

Harun Farocki is showing his new film installation Vergleich über ein Drittes for the first time in the MUMOK and also a new installation from his work trilogy Auge /Maschine I/II/III [Eye/Machine I/II/III]. While the video installation Auge /Maschine I/II/III is concerned with 'intelligent' image-processing technologies and investigates the question of how machines based on military imaging technologies operate independently, Farocki’s new 16mm film installation places the term 'work' at the centre of concern. In Vergleich über ein Drittes the consequences of rationalisation and automation processes are put up for discussion using the example of the production and processing of bricks. Farocki shows work procedures in traditional, early industrial and highly industrialised societies. During this process the medium of the double projection or pictures alongside each other in the exhibition rooms allows him to express an explicit comparison of contrasts and similarities in one figure without encouraging a unidimensional idea of development or unity.

Matthias Michalka

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