Museum der Bildenden Künsten

Margaret Hoppe

06 Dec 2014 - 08 Feb 2015

Saint Pierre, Firminy, 2013 (a. d. S. Après une Architecture 2012-14)
The Promise of Modernity
6 December 2014 - 8 February 2015

The artist Margaret Hoppe (*1981 Greiz/Thuringia), who completed her postgraduate master classes at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig in 2009 under Christoph Müller, is the winner of this year’s Sachsen Bank Art Award.
Margret Hoppe photographs architecture. She focused in early work on buildings erected during the former GDR that have since lost their original function and today stand as dilapidated relics in the public space. Hoppe also homes in on the question of architectural heritage in her prize-winning exhibition, presenting pieces from the series she started in 2011 on the architectural works by Le Corbusier. Intense critical appraisal of his thoughts on architectural theory are reflected in the artist’s work through the emphasis of contrasting materials, colours and forms. Room installations and the artist’s archive of photographs depicting buildings belonging to classic modernism, created in a variety of countries over the last 10 years, add to the exhibition.
The catalogue (dt./engl.) Is available in the Museum Shop.

Tags: Le Corbusier, Margret Hoppe, Margret