Slow is beautiful

21 - 24 Jun 2017

Flotar entre las nubes
Copyright © 2017 Mariano Peccinetti Collage Art
Harmony with flowers
Copyright © 2017 Mariano Peccinetti Collage Art
Journées internationales consacrées à la lenteur, au ralentissement et à la pause
21 June – 24 June 2017

Concerts, performances, workshops, garden chats, urban walks, screenings, a seminar on slowness ...
A four-day pause to exchange ideas about downsizing, to stretch out time and music, leaving room for meditation and rest. Four days to turn the order of winners and losers upside down! Steep yourself in an infusion of concerts, workshops, readings, and garden conversations... Come discover your inner turtle!
Meetings at the MAGASIN des Horizons (Esplanade Andry-Farcy) and at the Parc Marliave (rue Marx Dormoy)!

Fanny de Chaillé & Christophe Ives, Catherine Contour, Julia Eckhardt, Nancy Holt, Jean-Charles Massera & Yves Pagès, Tomoko Sauvage, Marie Verreaux.

Nicolas Audureau, Anne-Claire Cauhapé & Martin Givors, Laurent Chicoineau, Antoine Depaulis, Yves Gimbert // La Chimère Citoyenne, La Maison des familles, The Gentiana Association, The group Zen from the Maison des Habitants Chorier-Berriat, The Culture Ailleurs Association, The Restaurant Pausebio, Velos-Resto O’Parc d’Amour & The Pouce-Pouce.

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