Pietro Roccasalva

09 Jun - 01 Sep 2013

© Pietro Roccasalva
Jockey Full of Bourbon II, 2006
The Unborn Museum
9 June - 1 September 2013

Pietro Roccasalva’s exhibition at MAGASIN will be the first comprehensive solo show of this Italian artist in France. The exhibition will gather together around forty pieces and installations created during the last decade and a new production specially conceived for this exhibition.

The multiple iconological obsessions of Pietro Roccasalva, borrowed from the registers of cinema, music or even art, are developed in complex installations - "alive paintings" or "situazione d’opera". Their constitutive elements act as characters of theater, each one of them playing their part of a developing score. Painting seems to hold the deepest aspects of the artist’s practice for which it is both the starting point and the completion, even in his sculptures, installations, digital works, drawings, movies, performances and tableaux vivants.

The artist has the project to present them room after room according to a principle of mise en abîme that founds his work. Each piece seems to stem from the internal structure of the one which precedes it, quoting it and at the same time leaving an open door to what has never been, as a pure "potentiality". In this way, the artist will by-pass the stumbling block of a chronological or thematic exhibition to favor the links and the connections which exist between the works.

The title of the exhibition refers to a dimension of “potentiality”. “The Unborn Museum” is an oxymoron; it refers to an “intermediate world “ between the artworks or museums as places of memories, a deposit of the remains of a process and a potential dimension which as such contains other processes until now inexistant (unborn). “The Unborn Museum » is thus a paradoxical place to remember “remains” which have never been.

The exhibition Pietro Roccasalva is being support by David Kordansky Gallery - Los Angeles, Carlo Bronzoini Vender et Tanya Traykovski, Zero... Gallery - Milano, Mottahedan Projects - Dubai, the Italian Cultural Institute of Lyon, Grame, centre national de création musicale - Lyon, Cabasse, Ensba Lyon, TAG and the Splendid Hôtel.

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