Les Sororales

Festivités Ensorcelantes

05 - 09 Apr 2017

Festivités Ensorcelantes
5 April - 9 April 2017

An April gathering under the sign of sisterhood! An enchanting weekend to untie your tongues and loosen up your bodies around the emblematic figures of the sorceress, the witch-doctor, the she-demon, and the cyborg.

Independent, rebellious, and non-conformist, wise and unconventional women have been stigmatized since the Middle Ages and persecuted by the Inquisition and witch-hunts. They embody resistance and persistence, the defense and dissemination of non-academic learning... Sororities highlights those women who have decided to awaken their inner “sorceress”! Let’s welcome women-warriors who have decided to re-take control of their bodies. Let’s share our skills and liberate our lore ... to build solidarity!

Five days of encounters, where alternative knowledge and herbal infusions blend with overtone singing and shamanism, while workshops in female self-defense, self-gynecology, and writing are punctuated by mutual exchanges and sharing! Let’s RE-discover our grandmother’s home remedies and time-tested recipes, from the Vercors region and beyond! Let’s RE-occupy public space and collectively stand up for our rights; let us take control in order to RE-conquer our bodies!

Guest artists: Les Attrapes Corps, Dj Rescue !, Anne-Laure Carrier, Coline Cellier et Corentin Thermes (Université d’accueil), Pamina De Coulon, Chloé Delaume, Camille Ducellier, Poussy Draama (Aka DocteurE C. Duchesne), Marion Giraud, Luc Gwiazdzinski, Marielle Imbert, Sainkho Namtchylak, Ned Rothenberg, Margot Rubio & Annelise Pizot, Elsa Sunita.

Partnairs : L’asspa, La Cinémathèque de Grenoble, Cuisine sans Frontières, Les Détours de Babel, Le Festival Vues d’en Face, Le Printemps du livre, Restaurant Safrani, Communauté Université Grenoble Alpes // Un Tramway Nommé Culture.