Horizon (2016)

24 Nov - 24 Dec 2016

Guillaume Barborini, Proposition à 2 fois 180 cm2, 2016

Beat Lippert, SKLAD Suchum/i Abkhasia, 2016
Benoît Billotte, Wanderlust, 2016
Guillaume Barborini, Proposition à 2 fois 180 cm2, 2016
HORIZON (2016)
24 November - 24 December 2016

From Turin to Clermont-Ferrand, from Geneva to Grenoble, the 17 featured artists invite us to explore new territories and possibilities, to reach for the limits of the visible... Horizon (2016) is a space in/on top of/around/under/next to/inside MAGASIN! It’s a hybrid, interdisciplinary project where tightrope walkers perform their balancing act in an attempt to trace new horizons. On the wire, Marianne Mispelaëre, Estefania Penafiel Loaiza, and Jordi Gali, gentle dreamers all, and performers no less, encourage us to seize the present moment. They erase, draw, join, or extend lines, pushing the limits of the inexpressible ... and trying to stop time in its tracks. Whether it’s digital or volcanic, snow haunts the experiments of Nick Sangale, Muriel Joya, and Adrien M. & Claire B. Elements swirl and invite us on a meteorological journey! Surveying boundaries and crossing lines, Guillaume Barborini, Laura Pugno, and Marjolaine Turpin present singular landscapes formed over energetic walks, scaled peaks, cities traversed, and encounters with fault-lines. These artists guide our way across maps... Benoît Billotte, in turn, charts the forgotten myth of the Hollow Earth. Like a journey of initiation in quest of the invisible, the void, and the imperceptible: a voyage towards an elsewhere takes shape in the salt of the earth. This is an invitation to deliberately lose sight of the north and quietly (re)discover the land in-between... ending with Abkhazia (Beat Lippert) as the destination. Valentine Gouget and Golnaz Payani are our guides to those border territories, along imagined, invented, fragmented, or concrete boundaries ... in order to better circumvent them and denounce them. But above all, we must not to forget that the finite and the infinite, near and far, meet where the earth and the sky become one. Let’s dream imaginary lines that we/you/I/they contribute to bring the time of Advent into being... A whole month to expand our horizons!

Tags: Laura Pugno