Lullin + Ferrari

Sara van der Heide

29 May - 17 Jul 2010

© Sara van der Heide
Saturnia Pavonia with Color Dots, 2010
Oil on canvas
135 x 180 cm (53-1/8 x 70-7/8 in.)
From the Beginning till the End and Everything in Between
29 May – 17 July 2010

We are delighted to show new works by the Dutch artist Sara van der Heide (born 1977 in Busan, South Korea, lives and works in Amsterdam) in her first exhibition in Zurich. Sara van der Heide studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Amsterdam and accomplished her studies 2001. 2006 to 2007 she spent in New York on a grant by the artist in residence programme ISCP.
Sara van der Heide shows at the Lullin + Ferrari Gallery new conceptual paintings. The title From the Beginning till the End and Everything in Between points towards the content of the exhibition – the series of works deals with the principal questions of human existence: Where are we coming from? Where are we going? What happens during our existence?
Sara van der Heide creates on canvas a stage of ideas and stories, firing the imagination of the public again and again. In the large painting Reorder of the World (2010) a door viewer, encircled by a colourful ribbon, opens up towards a blue sky. In the work The Beginning II (2010) the origin of the world and of every human being is put into perspective in an all-consuming close-up. The picture Light (2010) hints to the light as an essential condition for any existence. The two butterfly paintings Saturnia Pavonia with Color Dots and Saturnia Pavonia with Red, Yellow and Blue refer to the fragility of existence and might be considered as memento mori. Through the colour notations in the three dots of the black and white butterfly „Red, Yellow and Blue“ Sara van der Heide includes a reminiscence to the art of the Netherlands, especially to the paintings of Piet Mondrian and the De Stijl group.
Next to the large paintings Sara van der Heide places sometimes small studies on paper in black and white.
They repeat on a smaller scale the themes of the larger paintings and exemplify her way of working. In her new paintings Sara van der Heide shows the different possibilities of painting, and – by integrating her drawings – triggers a reflexive after thought; emphasizing her concerns and her working process.
The scale of the paintings refer to the height of the artist. With substantial physical engagement Sara van der Heide records her figurative marks on the canvas. In her new body of works she includes in a playful way motives from earlier paintings and refers to surrealistic ideas. By painting optical illusion on the planar canvas Sara van der Heide denies the two-dimensionality of her painted world. The paintings open up dream worlds; they contain both visual notations about the beginning and the end of existence and about the conflict between culture and nature. At the same time Sara van der Heide questions in her paintings the condition of modernism and its continuation in today‘s world.

Tags: Piet Mondrian