Lullin + Ferrari

Edit Oderbolz

05 Apr - 24 May 2014

Installation view Edit Oderbolz: Genau so, Lullin + Ferrari, Zurich, 2014
Genau so
5 April – 24 May 2014

We are delighted to show new works by Edit Oderbolz (*1966) in her second solo exhibition in the gallery. The title of the show Exactly that points to the attempt to describe the works in the exhibition with words. The title has no laconic meaning but stands for the capturing and keeping of a mood, searching for words, which are difficult to find.

The photographic invitation card already holds some aspects, which refer to the exhibition: The card transfers an idea of presence without any sentimentality. The picture was shot on a journey in the North Sea from Rotterdam to Harwich, Essex, close to the area explored by the German author W. G. Sebald in his novel The Rings of Saturn (1995). The picture taken on the passage hints to the search of nuances; an aim very present in the exhibition by Edit Oderbolz. The rail in the half shade, the accentuated blue ground, the two abandoned chairs, the cloudscape these are all settings to be retrieved in another form in the exhibition.

In the first room of the gallery Edit Oderbolz hangs several, variably coloured and differently structured grids. The gaze of the beholder moves from one grid to another. Inevitably the grids are related to each other. Do the grids lead into each other? Are they fragments of a wider, imaginary construction? The grids can be looked at as lines of a notepad affixed to the wall. The transitions and interspaces awake interest – the sphere between the lines of the grids is examined. The grids feature minimalistic austerity and emphasise a mastery of Edit Oderbolz: to create moods and images of thoughts through perfectly balanced spatial structures.

As the first room follows the principles of line-drawing, disegno, so can the second be related to the conceptions of colour, coloris. In the classical theory of art colour is associated with feelings, line on the other hand to logic. Edit Oderbolz has cut apart worn, simple T-shirts and has distributed the resulted, nearly square colour fields on bails loosely on the wall. The composition holds a lightness of gesture. The disposition of the textile colour fields with bails and nails evokes modular concepts, which convertibility is intrinsic to its system.

The colour fields and grids are complemented by five word and text pieces in an A4 format written with on old typewriter. These notes evoke moods, which can be related to both the grids and the colour fields. They include Edit Oderbolz as the direct author of the exhibition and set a complicity or at least a temporary familiarity between public and artist. The words can be viewed as fragments of a fugitive memory and move through the reading from sheet to sheet into the exhibition space.

Edit Oderbolz creates in Exactly that a disposition of possible interpretations, which can be experienced and broadened by the beholder through a thoughtful and cheerful reflection.

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