Jan Mioduszewski

21 Jan - 02 Mar 2012

Pictura Minoris
installation, object, video
21 January - 2 March, 2012

In his interdisciplinary project Pictura minoris Jan Mioduszewski deals with the discarded object. He is fascinated by incidental compositions that emerge from things that people dispose of. Many of his earlier works were inspired by found objects, but never before has the artist dealt with destroyed furniture – cracked, with gutted upholstery, soaking in the rain, eventually making its way to the rubbish tip. Pictura minoris revolves around waste, decomposition and destruction. The theme of rubbish and decay has a large metaphorical potential to it. It also has a deeply enrooted tradition dating back to antiquity. The painter Peiraikos, mentioned by Pliny in Natural History, was referred to as rypharographos (artist of trivial themes) as opposed to megalographos (artist of grand stories). Peiraikos painted the waste of daily life, thus pursuing “rubbish painting”. Later on, the thread was continued by Dutch painters such as Cornelis Brize or Samuel von Hoogstraten. With his painting installation pivoting around destruction and decay, Jan Mioduszewski also approaches the spirit of dadaism, where the use of rubbish was meant to be an expression of anti-bourgeois rebel. It seems that the latest project by the creator of the Furniture Factory brings this idea up-to-date.
camera: Lukasz Izert

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