Le Plateau


16 Mar - 21 May 2006

artists build architecture

Ackermann, Phillip Allen, Hurvin Anderson, Yves Bélorgey, Christophe Berdaguer et Marie Péjus, Santiago Cucullu, Rene Daniëls, Thomas Huber, Andrew Lewis, Julie Mehretu, Alexandre Ovize, Ulf Puder, ,Silke Schatz, Matthias Weischer, Andro Wekua Toby Ziegler and Oliver Zwink.

Video programmAlain Bublex, Mircea Cantor, Jordi Colomer, Naya Frangouli, Frédéric Guelaff, Matthias Müller, Anri Sala et Tintin Wulia
Between the instantaneous metropolitan diagrams of Julie Mehretu (Ethiopia), the clashing contemporary urban worlds of Franz Ackermann (Germany), the realist architectural paintings of Yves Bélorgey (France), and the utopian housing complexes of Berdaguer and Péjus (France), the representation of the modern city has grown to be a theme of vast importance in the contemporary art world. Created in collaboration with the Camden Arts Center of London, the exhibition “Archi/Peinture” has thus been doubly conceived to better grasp the various contexts (socio-political, cultural and architectural) in which the two arts centers currently function. A thematic exhibition, “Archi/Peinture” intends to explore the different ways in which urban architecture and contemporary art tend to influence one another, including: the use of painting as an architectural form in public or private spaces; the effect of recent developments on the representation of the modern metropolis; the links between architecture and other mental or psychological spaces...Here the representation of architecture will be less a question of mixing together various structural remnants than one of going beyond the typical exhibitory framework towards a whole new modeling of space and time. The exhibition will above all serve to represent a multitude of architectural forms and practices, anchored more or less in painting, which the visitors will discover as they pass from constructed to deconstructed spaces, from architectural representations to mental landscapes...

© Philip Allen
Classic Gambit (declined version), 2005
oil, 153 x 183 cm
credit : The Approach, Londres / private collection LAC, Genève

Tags: Franz Ackermann, Phillip Allen, Hurvin Anderson, Mircea Cantor, Jordi Colomer, René Daniëls, Thomas Huber, Andrew Lewis, Julie Mehretu, Matthias Müller, Ulf Puder, Anri Sala, Silke Schatz, Matthias Weischer, Andro Wekua, Tintin Wulia, Toby Ziegler