Kunstverein Freiburg

Mark Grotjahn

16 May - 27 Jul 2014

Mark Grotjahn
Circus Circus, Installation view Freiburg, 2014
Phto: Marc Doradzillo
Circus Circus
16 May – 27 July 2014

The paintings of the Los Angeles-based artist Mark Grotjahn (* 1968, Pasadena, USA) adopt the format and the emphasis on the work process of 20th-century American Abstract Art. Their serial structures, stylistic ramifications and semi-ironic adaptions of its valiant imagery can, however, be interpreted as a critical, post-modern commentary on this epoch. In his first institutional solo exhibition in Germany Grotjahn will show a new series of large-format paintings.

In cooperation with Carl-Schurz-House, Freiburg

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