Kunstverein Düsseldorf

We Aren't Musicians

07 Jul - 09 Sep 2012

© Paulina Olowska
Festliches Kleid, 2007
Courtesy Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne
Paulina Olowska, Vincent Vulsma, Martin Zellerhoff
7 July - 9 September 2012

Art, as we understand it over the past 200 years, has successfully emancipated itself from handcrafts. What can actually be classed as art has become a key question - without an unequivocal answer - both for those who make it and indeed art's audience in equal measure. The theme-based exhibition "We Aren't Musicians" is devoted specifically to the current question of the role of ability in art.

The participating artists Paulina Olowska (b. 1976), Vincent Vulsma (b. 1982) and Martin Zellerhoff (b. 1964) respectively will present a special selection of artworks. Not a group show as such, the theme of "We Aren't Musicians" can be accessed in the juxtaposition of individual, artistic practices. The question relating to individual ability is central to the topic here.

Tags: Paulina Olowska, Vincent Vulsma