Sehnsucht und Fall

Video works from the Wemhöner Collection

25 Jan - 29 Feb 2020

Installation view
Video works from the Wemhöner Collection
25 January - 29 February 2020

The exhibition “Sehnsucht und Fall” (Longing and Fall), curated by Philipp Bollmann, shows video works from the Wemhöner Collection. In rooms that are specially modified for the show, videos by Isaac Julien, Bianca Kennedy, Masbedo, Hans Op de Beeck, Alexandra Ranner and Erik Schmidt are presented in one to three-channel installations. The selected pieces take up essential motives of love, impermanence, nature, mythology and globalization in different ways and put them in the context of culture and society.

For example, Hans Op de Beeck's video “Parade”(2012) provides a fundamental view of life and death by showing the passing by of many different characters on a stage. In her video “We're All in This Together” (2018), Bianca Kennedy uses the motif of the bathtub and the act of bathing as a complex code of social expressions while Erik Schmidt deals with illness and death in a spa scenery in “Bogged Down” (2010). "Better Life (Ten Thousand Waves)" (2010) by Isaac Julien uses stylized images against the background of Chinese culture to address global migration in the context of an accelerated modern age. The human head floating in the calm water in the work "Ich habe genug" (I Have Enough, 2010) by Alexandra Ranner serves as a symbol for the intellectual power of our society and our simultaneous impotence towards war, climate change and other global catastrophes. In the video "2'59" (2014) by Italian artist duo Masbedo, a record with John Lennon's "Imagine" is getting scratched by a dental scaler, illustrating how we are dealing with culture and the utopia of peaceful coexistence. Together, the selected works reflect our society with its desires and fears, its longings for individual freedom and cultural affiliation in a world that is increasing in speed and complexity.