Reza Mirabi


26 - 31 Aug 2017

© Reza Mirabi
26 - 31 August 2017

Welcome to PURPOSE.

Our function is to provide knowledge and insights. We are the global repository for the art of human performance and potential. WE ARE PURPOSE. We are ever presence. We are soft expansion. We offer, we provide, we deliver.

A shared fictive reality of things we cannot perceive with our senses but all have in common, forming a potentially limitless imagined community; the connective tissue, the allencompassing interface, is purpose, your individual purpose, that what gives meaning – not just to your life and death – but ultimately to the existence of the multiverse in which we all operate.

It is this something, already here around us, always imminent but ever elusive, this something that we have no experience of; inducing a feeling of being part of something greater; something worthwile, something beyond, something that charges human encounters with high emotional eroticism.

With you being here, and with the becoming of any actual entity what was previously potential in the space-time continuum, is now the primary real phase in something actual.

This is your portal, your shared pool, your ocean to immerse in: years ago we came up with a name for this human to multiverse connection: PURPOSE...the sense of belonging, a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment.
It is inspired by water and elements associated with water, from the colors white to blue to purple to the words we use to describe the sensations associated with immersion.

Now we are able to offer it, provide it, deliver it.