Kunstraum Innsbruck

Ulli’s and Stefan’s Jolly Hiking Exhibition

26 Aug - 12 Sep 2009

ULLI’S AND STEFAN’S JOLLY HIKING EXHIBITION - Artists` Time Off Berliner Hütte 2009

26.08.09 - 12.09.09

Participating artists:

Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Daniela Bellm, Erika Betsi-Lotti, Gabi Blum, André Butzler, Sebastian Dacey, Björn Dahlem, Femke De Vries, Sibylla Dumke, Bernard Embacher, Felix, Fabian Fobbe, Robert Gfader, Stefanie Gruber, Ole Hartmann, Lisa Herfeldt, Lukasz Jaworski, Bettina Krieg, Anna McCarthy, Zoe Claire Miller, Shinji Minegishi, Mono, Julia Pfaller, Yoann Pisterman, Lissie Rettenwander, Lila Rock, Timo Roter, Katrin Rother, Peter Sandbichler, Niklas Schechinger, Rouven Schmitt, Fabian Schubert, Marlene Stark, Talibanski, Remco Torenbosch, Vickinski, Raul Walch, Ulrich Wulff

The concept:
Working after nature has had a long tradition in the visual arts. In many cases artists sought the communal experience of nature, and they did so not only because, far from large cities, the communal living among friends appeared easier to put into practice. Berlin is a large city. The work of the artists living there is characterised by the fast pace of urban life or else is a reaction to the abundance of sensual stimuli found there.

The experiment: What happens if, as a group of metropolitan artists from various countries, who are also friends, we take our current everyday perception of city life and undertake the project of looking for the actual nature of our individual and collective work in a natural setting?

What we will do:
Once before, two years ago, we proved what extraordinary results are to be achieved by transporting a group of Berlin artists into the glorious mountains of Tyrol.

In contrast to the show we presented then, entitled “Niveaualarm”, the presentation “Ulli’s and Stefan’s Jolly Hiking Exhibition – Artists Taking Time Off Berliner Hütte 2009” goes one step further in terms of group dynamics: A group of around twenty to thirty artists from Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, and Munich will spend three whole days at the Berliner Hütte in the Zillertal valley.
We will use this time, while hiking in the surrounding mountains, to merge our individual artistic vision with the immediate experience of nature and thus arrive at new and persumably unique art works, that subsequently will be presented at the Kunstraum Innsbruck.

Furthermore, what is planned is to send the entire exhibition on tour in order to show it to our fellow humans in places like Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, New York, on board MS Europa, etc., before the works, after a final presentation in Berlin, again return to their creators.

Tags: Tjorg Douglas Beer, Sebastian Dacey, Björn Dahlem, Sibylla Dumke, Fabian Fobbe, Peter Sandbichler, Remco Torenbosch, Raul Walch, Ulrich Wulff