Kunstmuseum Thun

Los Carpinteros

28 Apr - 08 Jul 2012

Silence Your Eyes
28 April - 8 July, 2012

After graduating from the Art Academy in Havana, the members of the Cuban artists group Los Carpinteros work together and divide their time between Cuba and Madrid. The difficult living conditions and the resulting inaccessibility to resources in Cuba led to the artists using recycling articles as basic material for their work. At the beginning it was mainly wood, which the artists knew how to work with in accordance with their craftsmanship, which led to the name of their group: Los Carpinteros (Spanish for carpenters). Meanwhile, they also use other materials such as resin, metal or fibreglass. Marco Castillo (*1971) and Dagoberto Rodríguez (*1969) have been creating monumental drawings and installations that mainly examine functionality and the application of architecture, furniture and design objects. Representational objects that often refer to politically and culturally restrictive systems emerge critically, but also with irony. By means of serialism, disruptions and exaggerations, the installations and drawings mutate into debauched hybrids, into impressive representations, which combine two assumable inconsistencies into something new, as implied in the title "Silence Your Eyes".

The Kunstmuseum Thun presents the first institutional solo exhibition of the Cuban artist duo in Switzerland. It is produced in collaboration with the Kunstverein Hannover. An exhibition catalogue (Ger/Eng/Span) will be published by Ivorypress.

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