Kunstmuseum Thun

Call and Response

06 Sep - 23 Nov 2014

Installation view
A Dialogue with George Steinmann
6 September – 23 November 2014

The exhibition Call and Response. A Dialogue with George Steinmann deals with the work of the artist and blues musician George Steinmann, a bridge-builder between art, science and society. He has been working for more than 30 years with the interaction of different systems and in particular with cultural sustainability. Steinmann is a researcher who promotes the visionary dialogue on the phenomena of our world for the good of society. His projects, which take him to the Arctic or into the last remaining virgin forests in Europe, visualise complex relationships and create networks.
The artistic innovative force is used thereby for the development of sustainable processes. In his work, Steinmann takes art far beyond the traditional element of artistic creation - rather, it becomes a “medium to explore, know and change the world.” For Steinmann, art is a driving force by which the world can be perceived and valued in its context.
In the solo exhibition in the Kunstmuseum Thun, important groups of Steinmann’s work are combined, partly projects with a process-like character and those that are partly newly conceived. In his installations, the artist raised in Thun traces a trans-disciplinary and integrated approach that invites dialogue. The individual works are characterised by an awareness of the context, the exchange processes and a culture of responsibility. The museum thereby fulfils the function of providing space to the concept of sustainability.

A publication (Ger/Eng) will be published by Scheidegger & Spiess and Kunstmuseum Thun.

With generous support of:
Binding Stiftung, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Südkulturfonds, Ursula Wirz-Stiftung, Kulturstiftung Kurt und Barbara Alten, Degussa Goldhandel AG