Kunstmuseum Bonn

Simone Forti

sound move

11 Sep - 23 Oct 2016

sound move
11 September - 23 October 2016

Simone Forti was born in Florence in 1935 and now lives in Los Angeles. A pioneer of America's 'postmodern dance', she is one of the most versatile figures in this particular artistic movement with its emphasis on abstraction, minimalism and interdisciplinary crossovers. She refers to herself as a 'movement artist' and proceeds from an original and universal physical awareness with deep roots in the human psyche.

Her performances and visual creations frequently focus on the direct experience of the world via the body and the voice, especially using the resources of improvisation. Forti increasingly incorporated conceptual approaches into her work, followed later by text and speech. Her many drawings, sketches and performance descriptions authentically blend verbal thoughts with physical sensations, playfully translating interactions with everyday objects and motions into choreographic structures and visual processes.

In a career spanning more than 50 years Simone Forti has created not only choreographies and dances, visual art and literature, but also combinations with music and sound. Many of her works unite objects, improvisation and speech, drawing, photography and video with a wide array of acoustic levels, from everyday noise and clatter via instrumental and percussive sounds all the way to synthetic audio designs and composed music.

The solo exhibition 'sound move' gathers together works by Simone Forti in which sound plays a central role, also in the form of direct collaborations with musicians and composers. Virtually all the instrumental objects and video installations on display have their own characteristic sound, which likewise forms part of a 'migrating' holistic composition embracing all three exhibition rooms. A selection of pieces compiled by the artist herself, including works by Charlemagne Palestine, Peter van Riper and Jon Gibson, can be heard on earphones in the Listening Room, a 'lounge' temporarily integrated into the museum's architecture.

Another major component of the exhibition consists of Simone Forti's performances from the 1960s, recreated at regular intervals by students from the Contemporary Dance Centre at Cologne University of Music and Dance.

'sound move' is a cooperative project of Beethovenfest Bonn with Kunstmuseum Bonn and The Box LA. The exhibition presents various artworks on loan from The Box LA (Los Angeles), MoMA (New York) and the Louvre (Paris).

Tags: Simone Forti, Charlemagne Palestine