Kunsthalle Basel

Le vent nous portera…

Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt

23 Sep - 07 Oct 2018

Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, installation view, Le vent nous portera..., Kunsthalle Basel, 2018. Photo: Moritz Schermbach. Courtesy: Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt, the artists.
Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt
23 September – 7 October 2018

Basel-Stadt art credit (Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt) and guest curator Jean-Claude Freymond-Guth present seven artists who received grants from the Basel-Stadt art credit committee (Kunstkreditkommission) in 2017 in an exhibition entitled „Le vent nous portera...“. The artistic contributions, discussions in the exhibition and, as a highlight, a festive finissage focus on the almost coincidental, short-term encounter of the most diverse artistic practices within the framework of an exhibition of scholarship holders. The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of the 2017/18 annual report of the Basel-Stadt art credit.

With Karin Borer, Matthias Huber, Clare Kenny, Dominique Koch, Raphael Linsi, Reto Pulfer, Mia Sanchez