Kunsthalle Basel

Exhibition Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt 2016

18 Sep - 02 Oct 2016

18 September – 2 October 2016

Bettina Grossenbacher, Daniel Karrer, Ariane Koch & Sarina Scheidegger, Max Leiß, Céline Manz, Maja Rieder, Emanuel Rossetti, Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen. curated by deuxpiece

This year’s exhibition of Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt has been curated by deuxpiece, a nomadic curators’ collective including Claire Hoffmann, Alice Wilke, Stefanie Bringezu and Bianca Hildenbrand. The show presents works by the artists who were awarded the individual artist’s direct grant by the Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt in 2015. These are complemented by artworks by Bettina Grossenbacher and Emanuel Rossetti, acquired for the cantonal art collection, and a selection of other pieces from the collection. The publication accompanying the exhibition was developed in collaboration with the artists. On the occasion of the exhibition, Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt’s annual report 2015/16 will be released.

Tags: Emanuel Rossetti